We will provide the functions required for long term site operations
based on a design that reaches the customer.

Yohaku Bunka uses the concept of “who, for who, what, and how” and
share it with our customers so we can set goals and implement user-friendly designs.
Moreover, we customize and provide an easy-to-update system so that our customers can also manage the site themselves.

STANDARD PRICEEstimated price

Prices vary according to the number of pages, the presence or absence of materials, and the target date.


Landing Page

¥300,000 ~


Recruitment Site

¥400,000 ~


Corporate Site

¥800,000 ~


Multilingual Site

¥1,000,000 ~


EC Site

¥1,000,000 ~


Media Site

¥1,000,000 ~


  • 01 Inquiry

    Please get in touch with us via the inquiry form on our site or by phone. Before deciding on a date and time for the meeting, we will contact you and ask about the specifics.

  • 02 Consultation

    We will inquire about various conditions and wishes, such as the purpose, goal, and timeline for website production.

  • 03 Appraisal and Outline Proposal

    We will provide a quote, a timeline until the delivery date, a site configuration plan, and so on.
    * It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks from the consultation, depending on the content.

  • 04 Design and System Proposal

    We will provide designs and systems that meet our customers’ needs and objectives. We will also modify the design and system to reflect the customers’ corrections.

  • 05 Contract Signing

    When the contract is signed, a work start fee of 10% to 50% of the estimated amount may be paid in advance.
    * If a change occurs during production, the fee will be added to the invoice after delivery.
    * Cancellation after application will result in a fee of ¥50,000 (excluding tax). If the production work has already begun and is in progress, we will calculate the amount of additional charges (only when the fee is already paid) or refund based on the progress rate at that time.

  • 06 Design Production

    We will use the prepared materials (text, images, etc.) and create the design.

  • 07 Construction of Code and System

    Following the completion of the design, we will code and construct the system so it can be displayed and operated on the web.
    * If major correction work is requested by the customer, an additional fee will be incurred. (Text and image replacements are free of charge.)

  • 08 Text Release and Corrections

    When the site is finished being built, we will upload the constructed data on a text server and ask the customer to confirm the contents and text.

  • 09 Production Release and Delivery

    We will upload the construction on the server and release the site on the web.

  • 10 Afterflow

    We will respond to obvious defects for free for three months after delivery. Customers who wish to maintain and operate at our company will sign a maintenance contract and we will begin maintenance and operation.