We assist our customers in achieving their business objectives through
knowledge-based design and cutting-edge technology.

We strive not only to create beautiful designs,
but also help our customers achieve their business objectives.
We will strive to solve management issues such as global expansion, brand value enhancement, sales increase,
and recruitment enhancement through various means such as marketing, design, development, and operation as a creative partner trusted by our customers.


Through creative x technology, we will connect the world.

Rapid globalization is now an unstoppable social trend. A growing number of companies are expanding their operations not only in Japan but also internationally, but there are many challenges due to differences in languages and cultures.

Yohaku Bunka employs a multinational workforce, is always adaptable to global movements, and delivers products and services of many customers to the world with services that incorporate designs and cutting-edge technology that are well-liked over time.




One’s Self

To Our Customers

Consider things from the customers’ point of view. The value of Yohaku Bunka is not only in making money, but also in exceeding customer expectations and meeting business objectives.

To Our Peers

Talk to each other without the fear of causing a rift. Communicate your opinions, and respect the opinions of others, understand different ideas and positions, and form the best team possible.

To One’s Self

Try to outdo yourself from yesterday and be second to none. Do not be satisfied with the status quo, try looking for infinite possibilities, positively challenge new things, and continue to grow.